Today, participants in the industrial arena, in municipal development projects, and those making policy in government understand that there is a need to comprehend the commitments the federal government have made with Indigenous people, and how those commitments affect activities.

Welcome to Social Awareness. We go beyond traditional Indigenous Awareness training in order to facilitate true learning about how industrial development may affect local Indigenous group’s rights with pragmatic and intent-driven regional content developed by the very Nations and Settlements these activities potentially impact. These courses go far beyond painting a picture of the Canadian landscape of Indigenous commitments, but delve further into diverse and vibrant communities and provide insight into what is important to them.

Much like a First Aid Ticket or Ground Disturbance Certification that would be required to obtain before work can begin, this certification shows that the holder is socially aware of Indigenous Rights and Commitments.

We are proud that the courses we have developed with our Indigenous partners are the only certified training opportunities offered today.