Our Values

Social Awareness Inc. is an organization dedicated to the training and certification of industry partners whose work impacts Indigenous communities. Through a series of awareness training and certification tests, organizations can ensure their representatives at every level are supporting the goals of cultural awareness. 

Our mission is to provide the information, guidance, and technology that will allow Industry and Indigenous communities to build a prosperous and equitable Canadian economy.

We believe that all pathways for building mutually beneficial relationships begin with taking steps to truly understand one another. We believe in leading a new era of responsible relationship building between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians. We believe in the importance of maintaining the highest standards of honesty, trustworthiness, and fairness. We are committed to creative, innovative problem-solving in our pursuit of continual improvement of our products and services.



Jacquelyn Cardinal



Aaron Lambie


Kris Vanderburg

VP Strategic Initiatives & Sales


Joe Duperreault

Chief Strategy Officer