What is Social Awareness?

This platform has been designed for Indigenous communities to collaborate with us to create an online, regionally-based and community-level Indigenous Awareness courses.  A community’s course provides several meaningful benefits to both the community and the workers that operate within those traditional territories.

Primary benefits include:

  1. Developing a sustainable revenue stream back to the community on a passive and consistent basis.

  2. A platform for local elders, knowledge holders, consultation professionals, community leadership, and community members to share important information with those that operate on their lands.

Our partners have found it useful to let workers know about their histories, their languages, their customs, who they are, what the communities find important to them, consultation protocols, and their aspirations - to name a few.

Why is this important to industrial partners?

The majority of our Indigenous partner communities have made their community’s Regional Awareness course a mandatory requirement for any employees, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers when participating in industries projects. A good way to think of this course is no different than a First Aid ticket or H2S Alive ticket – both are requirements to go to work in the industrial economy.

For new Indigenous partners that wish to do the same, we support that process with the forms and templates needed to gain industry buy in at the corporate level.

How do we keep the course fresh and relevant?

It has always been a top priority for us to maintain close ties with communities we work with in order to update their course content as their thinking, leadership, and activities change and grow. As such, the courses are never “complete” but rather are considered a living document as dynamic as the community it comes from.

Due to this, we require that the regional courses must be taken every two years to ensure that those working with those communities have up-to-date information and understandings.

How do we develop the course?

We assist heavily in developing your course content.  Alongside your community knowledge holders, we can prepare and serve online a course in as little as 6 weeks. 

If you would like to pursue community investment dollars through industry to help offset some of the internal costs you might experience with the participation of your knowledge holders providing information for the course – we can assist with templates and other resources that have worked for other communities.

What does it cost us?

The course costs your community nothing to create, maintain and put on our platform from us.  There are no transaction fees or any fees to provider your course to the public.   We share in the revenue on a sale by sale basis.  Contact us for a proposal.

Who owns our course and our data?

The course content that we create is yours.  We ask that you only use the content on our platform but your history, your information you provide.

What commitment do we need to make to the platform?

We understand that priorities change and want to ensure that you can come and go as you please.  We ask that you participate in the platform for a minimum of 1 year.  After that you can discontinue your use of our platform for your course at any time.