Industry Leading

Social Awareness Inc. has adopted TheRoad platform to bring an industry leading learning platform to the market. The underlying technology stack has been built using the latest, most secure, reliable and most widely used platforms in the world, and is unique in that it uses a game engine to serve up the most interactive and engaging user experience.

Our course platform is developed using responsive web design and available as mobile ready. Users can engage in their course via both PC and Mac, mobile phones and tablets, providing a consistent user experience across platforms.


Profile & Progress

The profile section lists basic user information. User progress is listed here, allowing users to check to see how far they've come and how much further they have to go.

Research shows that games reward the brain and make us happy, so when users complete a task, they unlock an award. This dopamine-inducing feedback encourages the user to keep going through the learning module.

For administrators, there is a full-featured dashboard that provides access to all of the student results and serves up course certificates upon completion that are serialized and tracked for authenticity.


Supporting Continued Learning

Social Awareness’s methodology of delivering quick-hit, bite sized learnings allows users to retain more key pieces of information throughout the learning experience but does not allow for long, exhaustive documents to be read during the course.

Sometimes there is a need for a user to have access to this documentation as reference material. This is where the library comes in. Serving as a repository for all pertinent information related to the project, the library is easily accessible at any time that a user may want to view or download the relevant files.