Nisto Link Inc.

The Nisto Link platform allows Project Owners and Vendors to track tangible net benefits of their projects in Indigenous communities. 

Providing transparency to the flow of dollars through project spend to Indigenous communities allows for accountability of vendors and adherence to corporate commitments and obligations.  

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Social Awareness has partnered with the Elders Circle Foundation as a conduit for Community Investment.  

The Elders Circle Foundation is a platform for corporate contributions to be directed at the community level into several funds.  These funds target specific and meaningful Indigenous programs that have real and lasting impacts in their communities.

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The Nisto Approach

The Nisto Approach is a resource for both indigenous and non indigenous groups to review, discuss and move forward with a partnership on.  The Nisto Approach relies on the 3 Tenets of Risk Free Dollars to the Indigenous Community, Employment and Capacity and 12 Considerations.  

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